Galactic Astrology

Find out about you connection to the stars and the Star Nations


Have you always been curious about your place of home among the stars? Have you also lived on other stars and planets? And how can your connections with the Star Nations help you heal soul wounds or live your highest life purpose?


Based on your date, time, and place of birth, I can find out how the planets were aligned with different star systems at the time of your birth. In a 'Starseeds report' I will zoom in on some of these alignments for you and give an interpretation of this. I will always look at on which constellation you have had your first incarnation; the birthplace of your Soul in physical form. I also look at the stars where you have had your most recent incarnations. Depending on what emerges most strongly in your birth chart, I will zoom in on a piece that says something about your deepest soul wound, your shadow side or your karmic tasks and life lessons. And I will also discuss what your galactic mission on Earth is according to the stars and which connections with Star Nations have the most influence on this.


I base interpretations of your birth charts on knowledge gained through training with Julia Balaz, the works and teachings of Elena Danaan, Lyssa Royal-Holt, and Pam Gregory, among others, and through my personal research into, and connection with, the galactic races, Star Nations.




The costs for a personal starseeds report are 125 euros. For this I need your date and place of birth, as well as your time of birth as accurately as possible. Currently there is a waiting period of a few weeks for a starseeds report.