Light Portals

Light language is a language that speaks directly on the level of your Consciousness and DNA; it’s a universal vibrational language that you receive in your heart, instead of understanding it with your head. It is light brought into form, that is encoded with information to connect you to your deepest wisdom, and to awaken unconscious qualities within yourself so that you will remember who and what you truly are, and why you are here on Earth in this time.


Currently I am making Light Portals in alignment with different star constellations. Below are two portals that wanted to come to expression; one in alignment with the Ring Nebula within the Lyra constellation, the other in alignment with Polaris (the Pole Star) in the Ursa Minor constellation. Other portals will be added soon. A nice way to open yourself to the frequencies of the portals is by 'simply' opening your heart while looking at the portal and letting the frequencies flow into you from this particular constellation. You are automatically aligned with the pure light and wisdom of the stars… That this may give you a deeper sense of homecoming… your Consciousness aligned with your home among the stars and your feet firmly planted on the ground, connected to your home here on the Earth… bringing the two realities together.

Ring Nebula Portal

Lyra Constellation

The Ring Nebula within the Lyra constellation is an important gateway to other dimensions and other galaxies. It acts as an interdimensional vortex, giving easy access to a multitude of destinations. The constellation Lyra (also called the Harp) is the symbolic harp upon which the song of humanity is played. It is called the birthplace of all humanoid races, because allegedly from here, these first races spread throughout our Milky Way and brought all other star races into existence.


The original work is available, made on paper, 50x70 cm. Prints are also available (15x21 cm, or 21x30 cm).

Polaris Portal

Ursa Minor Constellation

Polaris, also called the North Star or Pole Star, is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor. Her position in the Northern sky is what makes this star so important. During the night it is the only star that appears not to be moving. So it does not set, nor does it rise. It remains almost in the same place in the sky, while the other stars seem to circle around it. As the Earth rotates, this northern star is very stable in the same place. That is why this star is often used by seafarers to navigate, to show the way to the true North. This is also the energy and frequency of Polaris; it will firmly put you in your centre and guide you to your own inner northern star.


The original work is available, made on wood 81x81 cm, with silver leaf and stone powders from black tourmaline, selenite and rock crystal mixed with the paint. Prints are also available (17x17 cm or 30x30 cm).