"Anchoring the collective dreaming for a new future is not as out of reach as we may think. Just as water changes from solid to liquid to gas, we can catch the intangible in other forms and manifest it in other ways. It is about bridging the seen and the unseen. It is time to step forward and be the architect materializing the light, to build a new future.” ~ Realm Bridger, by Izzy Ivy ~


This painting 'Realm Bridger' by Izzy Ivy beautifully expresses what I feel I have to bring to this world. It is to literally shape and express all that lies outside the reach of physical perception. I do this by interpreting your birth data regarding the alignments to different star constellations and Star Nations. But also by making energetic art: orgonites that radiate the power and energy of the gemstones, and light portal drawings that speak directly to your Soul. Instead of your head and ego trying to figure out the meaning of words, your Consciousness will understand the symbols and shapes on a deeper level. With love and joy in my heart, I tune in to that which is invisible with physical eyes, and form a bridge between realities. To be the anchorer of light, and contribute to a new future for this beautiful world and everyone who is open to it and resonates with it.

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