About me

As a child I was a dreamer and I loved to spend my time in magical worlds where I could fly with the elves and talk to animals. It came natural to me to be in the non-material reality. At school I didn't finish my work on time because I was too busy with decorating all the capital letters with beautiful curls, and coloring the different letters with all the colors of the rainbow. I enjoyed singing, walking barefoot on the sandy plains in the forest and I was curious... I wondered where I came from, why I lived, and if there was ‘such a thing’ as God. In the evening, I would often stare into the night sky with a feeling of nostalgia, knowing that ‘somewhere out there’, among the stars, was my true home. I liked to play outside in nature, I was often alone, made wishes as I blew the fluffy seeds of dandelions into the air in a dancing pattern, and I caught ladybugs that I gave a warm spot in my doll's crib in the winter, from where they emerged en masse in springtime to fill my bedroom with a happy, vibrant flutter of red with black dots. 


As I grew into a teenager and later an adult woman, that magic and vibrancy became more difficult for me to connect with. Feeling lost in the world, alienated, not knowing where I belonged, I started trying really hard to fit in, and began adapting to what I thought people wanted me to be. In the end, of course, I had lost myself because of that, and felt exhausted. In 2012 I had to stay home from work (back then in the environmental sector within an engineering firm), due to a burnout. What a gift that was! The burnout was necessary for me to become aware that most of what my life consisted of at the time was not what I wanted. I realized that, by trying to fit in and gain the approval of those around me, I had strayed from my own path. And somewhere deep down inside, I also felt a glimpse of hope that things could be different; that it should be possible to live a life filled with joy, ease, trust and connection.


I quit my job, and found a beautiful place in the forest where I lived in a yurt close to, and with nature, for almost 1.5 years. I began to spend more time on the things that brought me joy and happiness as a child; spending time in the woods, singing, dancing, drawing and being creative in other ways. I also started to focus more intensively on the life questions that I was already interested in as a child. And not just as a head-based philosophy, but also as a heart-felt experience. I went to a 5-day Intensive of Michael Roads, where I experienced how my heart was opened and where I felt a true deep self-love for the first time. It felt like the light had come on, and ever since I have been looking at myself and the world around me, in a different way. 


Out of curiosity and the inner drive to learn and to grow, I have done many courses and teachings, including a three-year education to become a holistic therapist/coach, three years of Priestess teachings at the Ananta Mystery School, an education on galactic astrology with Julia Balaz, and all different kinds of teachings, courses and workshops in the field of women’s work and shamanism. I am currently doing teachings with Daan van Kampenhout in Systemic Ritual; a combination of family constellations and shamanic rituals.


For about eight years now, I have been receiving (and I still am receiving) teachings from the Chief of the Native American Susquehannock Tribe. By the name of Dreaming Wind Song, I am an adopted member of this tribe. It is specifically these teachings that have taught me how to consciously travel in the non-material realities, and how to bring the knowledge from 'there' to 'here'. While I still feel at home among the stars, I now also enjoy my Earthly existence intensely. It feels like a privilege to be here right now in the time we are in; where there is so much shifting and changing. I feel it’s important to make the connection between the invisible, non-material world and the visible, material world, since we are beings of those two realities. And it is my calling to form a bridge for this. My wish is to bring you and others more in touch with your true nature, so that you gain a better understanding of yourself, and feel at home within yourself. So that you can reclaim your destiny and your rightful place on Earth, to help built a world based on the Principles of Infinite Love and Harmony. I deeply enjoy being on the path of remembering more clearly who and what I truly am, what my essence is. To become more aware of my light, the One Light, and to anchor this Light firmly within myself and here on Earth. I am grateful for what life has to offer and for what I can offer life. 


With a warm heart greeting, 

Rheatanya Dreaming Wind Song